The Second Man Within

Second Man Within

There are traces and fingerprints of God; the problem with our civilization is that they cannot understand the mind of God. Scholars in the past argued that life began with single-celled organisms and evolved from there into all life, including humans. That is what Darwinian evolution teaches. We never ask the information that original DNA (and other information) that single cells require for all the cellular machinery to operate and make it function - where did those directions come from? Let's say amino acids just randomly came together with the laws necessary to run all the complicated cellular activities. My friend Howard from ULCA describe something incredibly preposterous that it really becomes an impossibility. Doug Axe has done a lab experiment to determine how many mutations had to happen to get one simple protein to "mutate" into another. Five mutations had to happen simultaneously. The mathematical probability of those five mutations happening randomly is 1 x 10e129. If these proteins had new generations every nanosecond, there are only 1 x 10e29 nanoseconds given for the age of the universe. That creates a serious problem. The truth is that religion is getting left behind not only because of social decay but also because of the inability of religious leaders to catch up with the advanced world.

Through technological advancements, humankind no longer relies on "rain dances," We can better forecast weather from our scientific advancements, although we have a way to go with knowing when earthquakes will occur (but that day will come). It is an amazing trajectory our civilization is treading on - think of for many   of years, our population growth and technological advances crawled at a pace of snell as we evolved from very primitive understanding to present-day technological advancement. The curve is now sharpening upward at an accelerating curve. Indeed, human only gets smarter and more innovative, and another several thousand from now, our great-great-grandchildren will look at us as not so bright compared to them, perhaps chuckling at some of our idiosyncrasies. Today, we are contemplating if the past, present, and future exist simultaneously; thus, precognition exists and will not violate the principle of causality. Michio Kaku, in his book he stated that "The two greatest mysteries in all of nature are the mind and the universe. With our vast technology, we have been able to photograph galaxies billions of light-years away, manipulate the genes that control life, and probe the inner sanctum of the atom, but the mind and the universe still elude and tantalize us. They the most mysterious and fascinating frontiers known to science." How can we reach out to this guys. Few religious leaders failing to commit to learn and or consecrate themselves in the true holiness of God.

 How Scientist Thinks

 I tend not to trust anything that provides simple answers to complex questions. We can even debate that All moral laws are man-made to help structure civilization in an orderly manner. Right and wrong are all relative, to suit the particulars of the culture individually and collectively to defuse anarchy. Try this the Coma Test - has it been reported by the patient in a long-time coma awaken to claim any existence of a soul spiriting away out of biological confine?