Race, Power  And Greed

Someone's skin color must not define him because each race, whether white or black, has

  1. good people that are well Inform
  2. good people that are less informed
  3. wicked people that are well informed
  4. wicked people that are less informed

         Our responsibility as humans is always to fight evil and educate our citizens. As they say, ignorance is inevitable, but continuous learning is always vital. Ignorance is the root of all evil. Ignorance leads to war, bias, and other forms of injustice. Over a million died during the Crusades. The crusaders were promised that if they died on the crusade, they would go straight to heaven, just like many Muslim' martyrs' believed they would enjoy rich, sensual rewards on reaching paradise. Soldiers are lured by false promises, as My book "The Second Man Within" states that everything exists at some point. In essence, Humans can travel faster than the speed of light. Humankind can change a lot of these disasters, we just need to find the pathway. We are our own worst enemy. Our Ignorance has killed millions and wiped out civilizations. The problem is not the skin color but "the bad is the black effect. Sometimes in some cultures, Black isn't necessarily associated with evil. White can sometimes be associated with evil. These are cultural constructs that are made up or created by humans. They were made to help us ascribe to things we cannot see or can only imagine. We must understand that each civilization and culture created its own relations. 

   A person's color should not define their wealth, personality, and intelligence. Martin Luther King, Jr summed it all up "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Daisy (2017), in his article "the bad is black effect," explained that a current research study reveals that individuals, irrespective of ethnicity, have a tendency to judge someone with a darker complexion as more likely to have performed an immoral act. 

    Goldenberg (2003) asked a very important question about How the ancient Israelites viewed black Africans? Popular culture is infused with black Satan and white God. For nearly 1,000 years, this scriptural account has served as the sole basis for the execution of black slavery. we believe it or not, most individuals felt that God intended to impose punishment on black Africans with never-ending slavery, the so-called punish of Ham. Darwin destroyed black society. Schwartz (2009) stated that most scholars during the late-nineteenth-century eugenics movement inspired people who were not specifically informed on the subject matter to believe biological evolution can be correlated with social Darwinism, which was a false application of Darwin's ideas. Women were never permitted to vote since it was assumed they were childlike and unable to think of independent thought.

Imagine having an extremely wicked and ignorant manager, supervisor, or leader. The European exploration and colonization were not only based on gold, God, and glory, but they saw a weaker generation and culture they could manipulate. This society was weak and fragile. We go to war over our ideology, historical rivalries, grievances, and territories. We must understand that wicked people do not feel others' pain or when people are hurt. Most people are willing to cheat, lie and even kill to gain power or resource. We prey on the weak, less privileged, and less informed. Greed and taking dominion is possible and easy because they will always be more vulnerable people, easily deceived, and unfortunate people within our community. Politicians prey on the weak with false promises; the business world is so corrupt. 



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